Open source software and nice hardware

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This site is all about Linux, GNU and other open source software. With interest in hardware that is a little different.

Take a Linux kernel, add busybox, ssh(d), add some GNU and other applications and the fun begins!

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Silent computing

Although it is sometimes nice to do some heavy number crunching on a nice piece of iron, we prefer small silent systems. Out with the hard disk, in with the flash memory.

Silent computing can be done with a quiet motherboard with solid state cooling or by using an embedded Linux system like the ACME Foxboard. The later option only works for a headless system (no monitor or keyboard). It all depends on the task and the performance requirements.

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Fun with m4, awk, make

Automate the generation of files where ever it is possible. Why take ten minutes to write a piece of code if you can write a generator for it in thirty minutes?

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CVS and rsync

CVS and rsync are some respected tools in our toolbox. They help with managing and maintaining our files and keeping everything neatly organised.

The perfect desktop

Open source systems provide you with a lot of freedom. This makes it possible to create the perfect desktop. What that perfect desktop is depends on how you use your desktop. My perfect desktop is all focused on efficiency. It is based on the ratpoison windowmanager. I prefer hjkl-keybindings for motion-keys.

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Create your own textmode shellserver

Set up your own textmode shellserver. Create access over ssh so you can use your server from any place in the world. Build your perfect work environment in your shellserver with GNU Screen and the best textmode applications. Now you have the perfect workplace that you can access and use from any computer in the world!

Occasionally I rebuild my text mode shell server. The latest change was making it diskless. Read more about My current diskless text mode shell server

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Linux a great platform for different kinds of virtualization

Set up your own server with several virtual machines. Create your own containers. Linux is a great platform for this!

The Linux kernel comes with several solutions for different levels of virtualization. Together with some userspace applications you can create great possibilities. for fun and profit.

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