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This site is about my quest into open source software and unix-like operating systems. is my sub domain for personal stuff and is about things I have fun with, hoping others will share the same kind of enthusiasm.

Gopher site

There is also a Gopher site (also known as `gopher hole') on Explore this with your favorite gopher client (or try lynx).

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Proud member of the 10kb club and the 250kb club is a proud member of the is a proud member of the


This site is build with the usual open source tools.

The content is written in Vimwiki diary files.

A shell script, using awk, sed and is used to create the static HTML files.


This site is hosted on a Beaglebone Black running OpenBSD.

Beaglebone Black


IRC: matto on

You can contact me by email, my PGP-key is: 0xDCA954CDC7A2415A

The fingerprint of the key is: 3607 934A A0B1 1DC0 883E D667 DCA9 54CD C7A2 415A

You can also download this key from