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This site is about my quest into Linux and more specific into the embedded Linux universe. is my sub domain for personal stuff and is about things I have fun with, hoping others will share the same kind of enthusiasm.


This site is build with the usual Open Source tools: written with vim, using awk, make and m4 to generate the files. CVS is used as a version control system. This works much quicker and better than most content management systems and was fun to develop. As a bonus this results in search engine friendly URLs.

After generating new of altered files, rsync is used to update the tree on the webserver.


This site is hosted on a small diskless embedded NetBSD system, running the the boa webserver. No expensive fill-in-your-bosses-favorite-brand machines.

[olimex CS-E9302 picture]


You can contact me at
gpg-key (openpgp) 0xB5693342 - encrypted mail always passes my spamfilter.
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