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Zoom window in Emacs

Zoom in tmux

I am a great fan of the zoom function in tmux, which can be called with -z.

This is useful when you have split the tmux window into two or more panels.

  • Calling zoom in tmux will enlarge the current panel to fill the entire window.
  • Calling zoom again will return to the 'normal' state.

Zoom in Emacs

zoom-window.el provides a similar function for Emacs.

To notify that a window is zoomed, the background color of the mode line is changed. The default background color for this is light green.

When the text in the mode line is white, it becomes hard to read on the light green background. A variable can be set to change the default background color.

This is in my .emacs:

(use-package zoom-window
  :ensure t
  (setq zoom-window-mode-line-color "DarkGreen")
  :bind ("C-x C-z" . zoom-window-zoom))

This will install the package, set a key binding C-x C-z to zoom / unzoom, and change the background color of the mode line in zoom-mode to dark green.

Have fun!


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