Enjoying Open Source Software

Enjoying Open Source Software

Using open source software is a great experience.

Open source software gives the user a lot of freedom to achieve amazing things.

I love open source operating systems and use on a daily basis:

  • FreeBSD
  • OpenBSD
  • Linux

Variety of hardware

I use a variety of hardware, both real laptops and PC's as well as all kind of small boards, like the Rapsberry Pi, Beaglebone Black and Odroid boards.

Plain text is beautiful

I prefer to work in plain text. Almost everything I write, I write in plain text, mostly in org-mode or Markdown(-ish) format.

This website contains my blogposts, but I publish more often on Gopher! See gopher://

Don't know what Gopher is, or how to get started ? See my Small Gopher HOW-TO.

I prefer applications with a TUI, a text-based user interface.

RSS feed

This website has an RSS feed. Yours should too!

RSS feeds are important to keep the web open.

RSS feeds make it simple to read whatever it is you enjoy. You have complete control over what you read and do not have to rely on shadowy algorithms. Take back the web by subscribing to the RSS feeds that interest you.

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