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Tmux Yank to copy to X clipboard

The Tmux Yank plugin have proven to be very useful. I am using this plugin for a couple of months now and am quit happy with it.

After installing the Tmux Yank plugin, copying between the text-mode applications and X applications becomes easy.

To copy from Tmux to X, just start a Tmux copy session (usually with "prefix+["), mark your text in the usual way, and just before you close with "Enter", hit "y" (think; yank). That is all. Now in your X application, you can apply the usual "Ctrl-V".

To copy from X to Tmux, just copy your text in the X-application with "Ctrl-C". In Tmux, enter "prefix+Y". That is all.

Normally I am not a great fan of plugins, at one time or another an upgrade will break the functionality. But in this case I make an exception, because it is too useful not to use :)

Give it a try!


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