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Taskwarrior on Android

On my Android tablet I installed the Taskwarrior Android app, build by Konstantin Vorobyev.

Konstantin has made this app freely available, which is great.

After adding my .pem files, setting the credentials and so on, the app syncs with my taskd server.

This works both ways, changes on the taskd server are synced to the data in the app, and after changing or adding tasks in the app, syncing commit these changes to the taskd server.

So now I can add the Android tablet to my workflow. This was mostly as a test, in the near future I will replace my Android phone for a new one, now I know I can use that for my task management with Taskwarrior :)

Unfortunately, I have not found a way to only report on a single project yet.

More about the Taskwarrior Android app can be found at


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