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Taskwarrior holiday calendar for 2021 for the Netherlands

In preparation for the new year, I compiled a new holiday calendar for 2021.

This is no rocket science of course. It only takes a moment.

As usual, I started with the data from

Taskwarrior calendar

Here are the contents of my Taskwarrior holiday file: 20210101 Nieuwjaarsdag 20210402 Goede Vrijdag 20210404 Eerste Paasdag 20210405 Tweede Paasdag 20210427 Koningsdag 20210504 Dodenherdenking 20210505 Bevrijdingsdag 20210513 Hemelvaartsdag 20210523 Eerste Pinksterdag 20210524 Tweede Pinksterdag 20211205 Sinterklaas 20211215 Koninkrijksdag 20211225 Eerste Kerstdag 20211226 Tweede Kerstdag

The numbering starts with 21, because I still have some data from 2020 and previous in the file.

So, my calendar is ready for the next year :)


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