Enjoying Open Source Software

Proud member of 10KB club

This website has become a proud member of the 10 KB club and the 250 KB club.

The 10 KB Club is a curated collection of websites whose home pages do not exceed 10 KB compressed size.

The 10 KB club shows that we don't need a webpage of 70 MB just to tell the world about the next failure of some politician or that some celebrity has a new boyfriend.

The internet started with a lot of small independent websites. This allows everybody to share their opinions and their world views and freely share information.

This we should cherish.

Everybody should use a RSS feed reader to keep the web open and independent of some big tech companies who are selling everybody's privacy to the surveillance marketing industry.

Keep the web open!


Unfortunately, the 10KB club website has disappeared.

It was a great initiative, and we must still be thankful for it.


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