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Org-capture template for weeknotes

Today I created a small template for org capture, to create weeknotes.

This is the template:

* Week %(format-time-string "%Y-%W")
** %?

*** Reading

*** Things I have learned

*** Events

Entered on %U
;; Weeknote ends here

This will create a note starting with the header

* Week 2023-15

for week 15 in the year 2023.


This is how I added the template to the capture config:

("w" "Weeknote" entry (file+headline "~/org/" "Weeknotes")
   (file "~/org/templates/weeknote.tpl"))

Ability to parse

Maybe that in the future I would like to parse the notes. That is why I choose the format YYYY-WW, so it can be chronologically sorted.

The line ";; Weeknote ends here" at the end of the note, also might be helpful when parsing the notes.

For now, however, I just want to capture the weeknotes, and see how it develops over time.


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