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Moving from Pleroma to Honk


Honk is a very lightweight ActivityPub server created by Ted Unangst.

An ActivityPub server with minimal setup and support costs.

With an ActivityPub server you become part of the Fediverse.

Honk is written in Go and uses SQLite as database.


Pleroma is light weight ActivityPub server, and uses PostgreSQL as database.

Pro's and cons of Honk


  • Honk doesn't use JavaScript and can be used with a TUI web browser like lynx.
  • Honk uses SQLite, which is easier than PostgreSQL.
  • Honk is very easy to install, and hardly has any dependencies.


  • I have not been able to connect with a mobile client.

Moving to Honk

I have installed Honk in a FreeBSD jail.

After that, I had to set up a sub domain with a TLS certificate, add it to my relayd configuration and firewall configuration.

Following and followers

Unfortunately, I have found no way to move the accounts I am following to Honk automagically.

So, I have to manually add the accounts I want to follow, and hope that people will follow me back.

You can now reach me in the Fediverse at:


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