Vimprobable tricks and tips

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Vimprobable is a webbrowser build to be controlled through the keyboard.


Vimprobable is very good at tabcompletion. Try to use is as much as possible. Below you will find some tips how to let vimprobable know how to assist you.


The first thing that is important is the bookmarks file. The location of this file is ~/.config/vimprobable/bookmarks

After you have installed vimprobable, you should create this directory and this file.

Add bookmarks to your bookmark file

There are two ways to add bookmarks:

  • use your editor
  • use vimprobable

Adding bookmarks with an editor

You can add bookmarks with your editor. Each bookmark starts on a new line. The line starts with the URL, followed by a space, followed by the title of the bookmarked webpage. After this, one or more tags can be added. Tags are seperated by spaces and are put into square brackets, like [tag].

Here is an example: Vimprobable a vimlike browser [vimprobable] [vim]

Adding bookmarks with vimprobable

Open the webpage you want to bookmark. Type :bma followed by one or more tags. Example:

:bma vimprobable vim

Opening a bookmark

Start vimprobable if it is not allready running. Now type o followed by a few characters and hit <tab>.

Vimprobable will now try to complete your URL.

For this, vimprobable will look into the history of your current session and in the bookmarks file. It searches to bookmarks matching the characters you entered before hitting <tab>. The match can be at the beginning, the end or somewhere in between.

So if you enter "bo" followed by <tab> all bookmarks with an url containing bo will be found (like

Using tags on bookmarks

Saving a bookmark with one or more tags

Vimprobable has a tag system build in. Tags are entered when you add a new bookmark.

Go to a URL you want to bookmark.

Hit :bma followed by one or more tags, seperated with spaces.

:bma food salade shop

This will add the current URL with the tags food salade shop.

Retreiving tagged bookmarks

You can open all the bookmarks that are saved with a certain tag with one single command. Just type :gt followed by the tag you wish to open. Vimprobable will search the bookmarkfile and open any bookmark that is saved with that tag.

Tip: use tabcompletion on tags!
You can use tabcompletion on tags, so most of the time entering only a few characters followed by <tab> will be sufficient.