Compile Vimprobable on OpenBSD 5.8

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Vimprobable is an awesome browser with vim-like keybindings


Vimprobable is a lean web browser optimised for full keyboard control. It has vim-like keybindings.

Vimprobable is being developped on Linux but it can be compiled on FreeBSD too.


First we have to install the dependencies:

pkg_add libsoup webkit gmake

Get the code

The code can be downloaded from sourceforge.

Compile vimprobable

Unpack the tarball that was downloaded from Sourceforge and run gmake inside this directory.

That is it :)

Don't forget to create a directory .config/vimprobable in your home directory.

SSL Settings

Don't forget to put the following line in $HOME/.config/vimprobable/vimprobablerc

set cabundle=/etc/ssl/cert.pem

Otherwise you will not be able to visit a lot of websites.