OpenBSD on the Toshiba A200-237

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Babysteps in OpenBSD

In order to get a little bit more acquainted with OpenBSD I created a dualboot installation on my Toshiba A200-237 laptop.

Fdisk and Grub

In Linux using fdisk I created a partition for OpenBSD. The partition type for OpenBSD is A6. After installing OpenBSD on that partition a few lines need to be added to /boot/grub/menu.1st in order to boot OpenBSD.

Wifi and OpenBSD

The iwn-driver recognizes the Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN chip.

Start wpa connection

The following command connects with the wireless accesspoint with WPA:

ifconfig iwn0 nwid <my_ssid> wpa wpapsk `wpa-psk <my_ssid> <my_wpa_key>`
where <my_ssid> is the SSID of the accesspoint and <my_wpa_key> is the WPA-PSK-key.