Some ScrollZ tips

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Scrollz is a textmode irc client. It is a fork from ircII, the mother of many irc clients.


Scrollz is a textmode irc client. This makes it fine to use in GNU Screen. Why you should use ScrollZ:

  • Build in features
    Other irc clients are often accompanied by a lott of scripts. Many of the functionality found in these scripts are build in ScrollZ.
  • No need for Perl
    When building small environments this is a major plus.
  • Less bloated then BitchX
    But what isn't :-)
  • Runs great on Linux boxes


To get timestamps shown one every line, just put the following in your .scrollzrc:


Ths format of timestamps can be changed. ScrollZ supports strftime conversion specifiers. An example of setting the timestamp format:

/set stamp %H:%M

Being highlighted

In order to see when people are highlighting you (mentioning your name while the are talking), do the following:

/repword *nick*

where nick is your nickname.

This will search for *nick* and if so, colour the nick of the person talking. Perhaps in newer versions of scrollz the whole line will be coloured.

By the /sve command, this is saved to your file

Thanks to The ScrollZ forum.

Logging per channel

  • Create a directory for the logs: mkdir ~/<irclogs>
  • In ScrollZ, do: /chanlogdir ~/<irclogs>
  • In ScrollZ, do: /chanlog on #channel for each channel you want a log from, e.g. /chanlog on #chan1,#chan2,#chan3

You can a use wildcard like * in the channel-name.
This also works:

/chanlog on *

Thanks to The ScrollZ forum.

Connect to multiple servers

Connect to a second server:
The command /net opens a connection to a new server in a new window. So all you have to do to connect to another server in another window is to use /net:

  • /net
  • Esc-2
  • /join #greatchannel

Saving URL's

Wheneven somebody say something containing an URL, you can have ScrollZ safe that URL for you. Just put the following in your .scrollzrc:


URL's are saved in your notepad (see ScrollZ.notepad in your .ScrollZ-directory).

Using ScrollZ for your ICQ, MSN, Jabber Instant-Messaging

ScrollZ is a great tool, also for instant messaging.
See bitlbee, the IM to IRC gateway

Other recources

See also The ScrollZ IRC Client User Guide
and MSN and the ScrollZ textmode Linux IRC-client


Thanx to Kari Hyvönenfor proposing correction on the above timestamp format :)