Follow RSS feeds through your Jabber account with Moufette

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Keep up to date with RSS feeds

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) enable publishers to syndicate data automatically with a standard XML file format.

RSS feeds are invented as a perfect way to keep you informed on updates of websites of your interest. Subscribing to a website RSS feed removes the need for the user to manually check the web site for new content.

Moufette watches your RSS feeds

There are many feed readers available, both closed as open source. The great thing about Moufette is that it informs you of any updathe through your Jabber account. So it you use Jabber to hangout with friends or to stay updated by your monitoring tools, then Moufette is the tool for you!

Moufette is an XMPP bot posting RSS feed updates

Mouffette is an open source XMPP bot serving RSS feeds. It is easy to run your own bot. Mouffette is written in Perl so it runs on many operating systems. It is distributed under the Perl Artistic License. You get the latest version simply by cloning the git repository.

You can find the code of Moufette on Gitorious:

Moueftte appears as a buddy on your roster

You tell Moufette what your Jabber account is. It will appear as a buddy on your roster.

Adding feeds to Moufette

In your Jabber client, connect to Moufette and now you can add the feeds you want Moufette to watch for you.

feed <nickname> <url>

With this command you tell Moufette what feed to watch and which nickname you want to assiociate with it.

Moufette will now check any changes to the feed and report them to you through Jabber.