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Configure network for a static IP address

In my environment the machine needs a statis ip address. This requires the following steps.

  • Set static ip number in /etc/nwam/llp
  • Set default gateway in /etc/defaultrouter
  • Set nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf

Set static ip number in /etc/nwam/llp

Edit /etc/nwam/llp and change the line with your network interface to static:

rtls0   static <ip number> 

Set default gateway in /etc/defaultrouter

Create the file /etc/defaultrouter and put the ip-number of the default gateway on the first line.

Set nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf

Edit /etc/resolv.conf

nameserver <ip-number of nameserver>

Enable settings by creating /etc/nsswitch.conf

 cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf