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mutt is a great textmode email client

Mutt is a great textmode email client. It is very good configurable. Mutt can work with many editors. Many people use mutt with vim, so do I.

A few mutt tips and tricks

Search for something

When you are searching for a message that came from Bob or has a subject "Picture of Bobby", the most intuitive way of searching is by pressing "/" (without the quotes). This starts a search dialog.

Filter messages with l

Filter messages with l (lowercase L). Think of this as "limit" (limit the listed headings).

By using l you can filter all messages that come from Bob or John Bobine. Just press "l" (without the quotes) followed by Bob.

To undo the filtering, just press "l" (without the quotes) followed by "all" (without the quotes).

Special filters with l

With the tilde character ( ~ ) more advanced filtering can be done.

  • ~s: limit on subject
    example: l ~s key : filter messages with subject containing "key".
  • ~O: limit on not new but still unread messages.
  • ~N: limit on new, unread messages.
  • ~U: limit on all (old and new) unread messages.
  • ~d <2w: filter messages not older then two weeks
    This can be done with days, weeks, months or even years.
  • ~p: messages with your address in the To-field.
  • ~r 24/6/2009: messages received on 24-6-2009.

Using tags in mutt

Tag is another powerfull feature of mutt.

Tagging individual messages

Use "t" to tag a message.

Tagging groups of messages

Use l (lowercase L) followed by either a word you want to limit your search to or a tilde-command (see above).

Hit "T" (without the quotes) to use your last limit-pattern as a tag-pattern.

Operations on tagged messages

The use of tags on messsages is to make it possible to do some kind of operation on them.

The key to start doing stuff on tagged messages is the semicolon ( ; ).

  • ;d: delete tagged messages
  • ;s=<mailboxname>: move tagged messages to <mailboxname>

There are many operations that can be done on tagged messages. Just start hitting ; and try the operation you have in mind. Often it will just work.


My First Mutt

More to follow ...

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