Using the HP1018 printer with Debian GNU/Linux

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[hp1010 image] Printing from Linux on the HP1010 is not very difficult to set up.
I use Cups for printing.

Howto use the HP1018 with Linux

Proceed with the following steps in the following order.

  • First install Cups
  • Then install firmware
  • Connect printer to the usb port on the computer
  • Turn the printer on
  • Configure Cups

Install Cups

Installing Cups on Debian:

pt-get install foomatic-db foo2zjs cups cups-pdf  psutils foomatic-db-hpijs foomatic-db-gutenprint

Install the firmware

The following command installs the firmware:

getweb 1018 ; arm2hpdl sihp1018.img > /usr/share/foo2zjs/firmware/sihp1018.dl

After issuing this command, turn the printer on and configure cups.

If you omit this step, then the computer signal the jobs as done, but the printer does not show any activity.

After installing the firmware, connect the printer to the USB port of the computer. Next turn it on. Now type the command lsusb. Check that your computer has recognized your printer. If not, some kernel modules might be missing.

Configure Cups

Start a webbrowser on the machine and point it to http://localhost:631. Add a new printer and configure it. Most of the time Cups will provide the right default values.