List of my hardware

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Below is a list of hardware I currently own and use.


The following machines are used as some kind of workstation.

Samsung Chromebook 303C

Samsung Chromebook

  • Boots very fast
  • 100% silent
  • Very light weight

Nexus 7 32 Gb tablet

image 2 of Nexus 7

  • Love the form factor
  • Good screen

VIA EPIA ME6000 LVDS Mini-ITX silent workstation


  • 1 Gb memory
  • Runs home brew GNU/Linux assembly
  • Diskless, boot from USB stick

G4 Macmini Debian workstation

G4 Macmini

  • 1 Gb memory
  • Runs Debian GNU/Linux
  • Quiet workstation

Acer Aspire One A110-Aw Netbook

Aspire One A110-Aw

Small, lightweight, solid state disk. Ultra portable.

  • 8 Gb SSD
  • 512 Mb memory
  • Runs a self-build derivate of the Debian based GRML
  • More ...

Toshiba A200-237 laptop


This is one of my latest purchases. Stable wireless connection, can do kvm, lightning fast, good workhorse.

  • 2 Gb memory
  • Runs Ubuntu-64 GNU/Linux
  • Have lots of vm's on it (kvm)
  • Left room for other distro's but haven't had the time yet

iBook G4

iBook G4

  • 1 Gb memory
  • Dual boot: runs Debian GNU/Linux and Apple OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • Wireless option makes this my favorite laptop in the living room

IBM Thinkpad R31

IBM Thinkpad R31

Power Macintosh G4 (AGP Graphics)

Power Macintosh G4 Monitor 15" Studio Display LCD

  • 692 Mb memory
  • Dual boot: runs Debian GNU/Linux and Apple OS X 10.3 Tiger
  • Is being fased out by the Macmini


The following machines are used as some kind of server.

ASRock A330GC

image of A330GC

  • 1 Gb memory
  • Runs Debian Squeeze
  • Is being used as a LXC Linux Container server, running several containers

VIA EPIA ME6000 LVDS Mini-ITX low cost shell server


  • 512 Mb memory
  • Runs modified Slackware Linux 9.1.0
  • A personal shell server is a great thing to have!
  • Diskless: boots from a 4 Gb USB memory pen
  • Two 4 Gb USB memory pens in Raid-1 for data

Olimex CS-E9302 ARM9 development board

Olimex CS-E9302

  • Runs Debian GNU/Linux and NetBSD
  • About 100 cm2 and requires only 5 Volt 2.5 Watts powersupply
  • Now in use as the webserver for this site after my foxboard died.
  • I am thinking about purchasing a second CS-E9302, simply because they are fun to play with and only require 2.5 Watts...

ACME Foxboard


  • 16 Mb memory
  • Runs Cris-port of Linux
  • Mainly in use as a webserver and playing field for learning to cope with the restrictions of embedded environments

Update: the foxboard died during a powerfailure :(

Linksys NSLU2 aka Slug


  • 32 Mb memory
  • Runs OpenEmbedded Linux
  • Great mediatomb UPnP mp3 streamer!