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Software for the Foxboard

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Below is some software I compiled for the foxboard.

These applications are build for a Foxboard running a Linux 2.4 kernel and with glibc library (delivered by default with the FOX with Kernel 2.4.x)

You can download the cross-compiled versions below, but without any liability. Usage is completely on your own risk. However these programs are what is called free software, the rights of the authors are protected.

About these packages

I build these packages on a Slackware Linux box, using the SDK of Axis. This is how I use them:

In the foxboard I have put an USB-pen, with an ext2-formatted partition mounted to /usr/local.
The root of the USB-pen contains bin, etc, lib to create /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/etc/, /usr/local/lib. The packages mentioned above are put in these directories (except busybox, I did put that in the flash-image).

The cvs program works completely fine with dropbear (the standard replacement of ssh in the foxboard-image). So on a remote system you can do something like:

export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -d <username>@<hostname>:/path/to/repository checkout <directoryname>
Also when using rsync dropbear is completely transparent: it works exact like you would expect from ssh.
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