ACME Foxboard

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Foxboard: a ready to run embedded system

ACME Systems FOX board with embedded Linux

The Foxboard is a ready to run embedded system. The board is only 7x7 cm small and contains a "System-on-a-chip" RISC-processor.

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Foxboard: a complete Linux system on a small board

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The Foxboard offers a serial console, two serial ports, a i2c-port, 2 USB-ports and comes with a configured system based (Linux 2.4 kernel and busybox, plus extras like a ssh-clone and a webserver).

This little board requires only a 5 Volt 280 mW power-supply.

Embedded Linux

The Foxboard runs an embedded Linux operating system. This makes it ideal to play with:

  • There is a lot of software available that runs on Linux, most of which can be ported to the Foxboard
  • You can configure and build your own embedded Linux kernel with the standard Linux tools (and the crosscompiler provided with the SDK from Axis)
  • You can compile your own embedded programs with the standard Linux tools (and the crosscompiler provided with the SDK from Axis)

Ready-made platform, small, efficient

The Foxboard is a small system that can serve as a ready-made platform for prototyping applications, or as the basis of a application-specific Linux-based system and device. Or you can just have plain fun with it.

Developer support

icon developper wiki The heart of the Foxboard is a ETRAX 100LX MCM, a chip specially designed to run Linux. The MCM integrates 4MB Flash, 16 MB SDRAM and many more components. The MCM includes enough Flash and RAM for many designs.
Axis has created a SDK to develop and compile software for this chip. For those interested, there is a Axis Developer WIKI


Below is the output of /proc/cpuinfo:

processor       : 0
cpu             : CRIS
cpu revision    : 11
cpu model       : ETRAX 100LX v2
cache size      : 8 kB
fpu             : no
mmu             : yes
mmu DMA bug     : no
ethernet        : 10/100 Mbps
token ring      : no
scsi            : yes
ata             : yes
usb             : yes
bogomips        : 99.73

Yes, you have read that correctly: a whopping 99 bogomips!
No Cray-killer, this system. But good enough to be useful and fun.