Olimex CS-E9302 Arm9 development board

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Arm9 on 100 cm2 uses only 2.5 Watts and is great fun!

Debian Linux and NetBSD on an Arm9 board

The Olimex CS-E9302 Arm9 development board is a very usefull board. You can run both Debian GNU/Linux and NetBSD on the board. The board only requires 2.5 Watts to run - including a SD memory card or an USB-pen.

[olimex CS-E9302 picture]

200 MHz Arm9

The CS-E9302 is build around an Arm9 processor. For embedded boards this is a very powerfull processor that can run normal versions of Linux (no ulibc but normal libc).

The 200 MHz is good enough to run normal applications - remember, in the past we used to run desktop machines on 200 MHz.

The board comes with a CD-ROM. On this CD-ROM is a ready to run Debian image as well as a NetBSD image. Putting one of these images on a USB memorypen or a SD-card is simple. After that the board can boot the image very easy.

Changing the default boot of the Olimex CS-E9302

The board uses Redboot. To change the default boot command, use fconfig. Connect a serial cable to the board, start Minicom and boot the board. Interrupt the boot-process with Ctr-C.

Now type "fconfig" (without the quotes). You can now alter the default boot process by entering your own command.

Specs of the board

  • MCU: EP9302 ARM920T 200MHz, 16+16KB instruction and data cache, MMU, SDRAM, SRAM, FLASH external bus controller 100MHz bus, 100Mbit Ethernet MAC, two UARTS, two USB 2.0 ports, IrDA, ADC, SPI, I2S Audio, AC97, DMA 12 ch, RTC, dual PLL, WDT, 2- 16 bit, 1- 32 bit TIMERS, boot ROM, interrupt controller,
  • external SDRAM 32MB (16MB x16bit) 7.5 ns /133Mhz
  • external Flash 16MB (8MB x16 bit) 80 ns
  • ETHERNET 10/100 PHY KS8721BL
  • 2 x RS232 drivers and connectors
  • 2 x USB host connectors
  • SD/MMC card
  • IrDA transciever on board
  • and more ...

This website runs on the Olimex board

After my foxboard got toasted after a powerfailure of the public powernet, I moved this site to my Olimex board. Because many of my boxes run Debian I choose to put NetBSD on the Olimex board. That way I'll get some more NetBSD experience :)

More information

[olimex CS-E9302 picture]