Build vimprobable on Debian Wheezy

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Vimprobable is a very fast web browser that is keyboard controlled.

Build Vimprobable on Debiah Wheezy

Install necessairy software

apt-get install git build-essential libsoup2.4-1  xserver-xorg-dev pkg-config libwebkit-dev

Get Vimprobable source

git clone git://

Build Vimprobable

cd code
strip vimprobable2

Create runtime files in your home directory

mkdir -p .config/vimprobable
touch .config/vimprobable/bookmarks

Create the file ~/.config/vimprobable/vimprobablerc and add some usefull content in it:

set homepage=
set plugins=true
set scrollbars=false
set scripts=true

My homedirectory is mounted in ramdisk so I never have to worry about cookies. Perhaps you want to add something into your vimprobablerc like:

set cookies_storage_readonly=true

Better font configuration

Replace monospace with terminus for a nicer browser expercience :)

Open config.h and search for monospace, replace with terminus. Do this for the following entries: . urlboxfont . completionfont . statusfont

I replaced statusfont size 8 with fontsize 12 on my small screen Acer Aspire ZG5

I changed the following lines in config.h:

static const char *urlboxfont[]         = { "terminus normal 8",   "terminus normal 8",   "terminus bold 8"};
static const char *completionfont[]     = { "terminus normal 8",   "terminus bold 8" };
static const char statusfont[]          = "terminus bold 12";   /* font for status bar */

Then rebuild make clean make strip vimprobable2