Having fun with twittering-mode in Emacs

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With twittering-mode Twitter can be used from within Emacs.

Install twittering-mode

On Debian it only takes an apt-get install twittering-mode to install twittering-mode.

After installing, add the following lines to your .emacs:

(require 'twittering-mode)
(setq twittering-use-master-password t)

The first line let Emacs load the twittering-mode. The second line let you load the login-credentials for Twitter into an encrypted file in your $HOME. This way you are automagically logged into Twitter after starting twittering-mode.

screenshot of twittering-mode
A screenshot from Twittering-mode on my netbook
Click on the screenshot for a larger version

Start twittering-mode

This is as simple as: M-x twit

On many machines, this means <Esc>x twit

The first time you enter this command, an URL is diplayed. Opening this URL in a external browser let you connect to a special identification function from Twitter. There you enter your username and password. Twitter response with an PIN-number. This is a string of digits. You copy and paste this PIN-number back to twittering-mode.

When you have added the twittering-use-master-password to your .emacs file, Emacs asks you to enter a password. This password is used encrypt your Twitter-credentials. Enter the password twice and a small file named .twittering-mode.gpg is stored in your $HOME. The next time you start up Emacs and start up twittering-mode, you are asked the password. When you provide the correct answer. Emacs can login to Twitter.

Some nice commands

  • <Enter>: reply to a tweet
  • u: post a tweet
  • d: post a diret message
  • v: open a time-line in a new buffer
    example: put the curson on a hash-tag and hit "v", then the timeline of this hash-tag is opened in a new buffer.
  • Ctrl-c Ctrl-d: open the timeline which consists of direct messages to you
  • Ctrl-c Ctrl-r: open the timeline which consists of replies to your tweets
  • j and k: scroll up and down (like in vi) jumping from tweet to tweet
  • b and f: switch to previous/next timeline buffer
  • r: display replied tweets related to the current tweet
  • i: toggle displaying of icons
  • q: kill the current timeline buffer

See the wiki!

Much more information can be found at the very friendly twittering-mode wiki page.

screenshot of twittering-mode
A screenshot from Twittering-mode on my netbook after toggling display of icons.
Click on the screenshot for a larger version